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Kodea is a foundation created by innovation, education, and technology professionals, who are committed to meaningful work. Kodea is a young, ambitious initiative that takes a multidimensional and inclusive approach in its commitment to generating profound changes in the reality of the country’s IT and human capital – ensuring the inclusion of women and other minorities.

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Our Projects

National Plan of Digital Languages

First initiative developed by the Innovation Center of the Ministry of Education, a center whose mission is to work on the development of 21st century learning techniques that enhance creativity, critical thinking and the adaptability of students.

Chile is the first nation in Latin America to start with a national plan that incorporates computer programming and thinking in the classroom, a key issue for the education of future generations and the formation of human capital countries.

This plan will begin to be implemented during the second semester of 2018 at 30 Liceos Bicentenario and in public and private subsidized schools of the V, VI, VIII and Metropolitan regions.

In Kodea we will be an active part of the implementation of this plan and we will work
together with the Innovation Center of the Ministry of Education to implement the
Code Studio platform in all schools in Chile that are interested, with Focus on students from 1st to 6th grade and at the Technology hour.

We will also work together with Fundación Telefónica to expand this plan throughout Chile.


Chile needs more talents for the digital world, creative minds that develop technology and build Chile of the future. In order to identify and visualize them, Los Creadores is born, the first National Digital Talent Award, an unpublished initiative organized by the Kodea Foundation, El Mercurio, TVN and Regional Media.

The Creators, will award children and young people between 6th grade basic and 4th grade, who postulate projects that create a solution to make life easier, simpler, more fun or improve their environment, with the key support of technology in their implementation.

A digital talent is one that was born in the digital age, that we are living, uses technology, to generate some impact and leave a mark, so all students in the sixth grade basic to middle class up to 19 years old throughout Chile , can participate in The Creators and be part of the circle of digital talent of our country.

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Women Programmers

Women Programmers is a co-financed program for Software Programming courses awarded by the Kodea Foundation with DuocUC, thanks to the funding of the CORFO Human Capital Grants in 2016 and of J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation in 2017, within the framework of an inclusion strategy for the information technology (IT) sector, which seeks to attract women to the digital world.

It is a pioneering work-retraining initiative in the Chilean IT industry, which started with a pilot in 2016 and has generated interest in studying programming and joining the technology industry in more than 1700 women.

The Women Programmers program has a country vision; it contributes to solve Chile’s need for qualified human capital for this key sector- with all the feminine potential- which it’s an input from the productive area for their families and also for the country.

The course includes classes with modules of technical knowledge in JAVA programming languages and .NET and a labor intermediation program that provides non-cognitive skills coaching; a technological tour to companies of the sector and mentoring, process through which connects graduated students with the companies of the IT industry.

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Hour of Code

Since the beginning of Kodea in 2015, one of its main concerns has been education, which is why the Hour of Code International Initiative was brought to Chile, initiative that promotes the teaching of programming in children and youth through interactive and simple tutorials and has the objective to make this discipline a tool for education and all its assignments.
The Hour of Code has been an instance of cooperation between the public and private sector in technological matters in Chile and, in this way, has already had the participation and sponsorship of the Ministry of Education and Enlaces Network, the Ministry of Economy, Corfo, Invest Chile and private companies such as Nisum, Tata Consultancy Services, VTR and NIC Chile as well as more than 150 institutions and NGOs throughout the country.
Between 2015 and 2016, more than 250 thousand children and young people have spent an hour knowing, with simple and entertaining steps, how easy it can be to program. It has also formed a network of 2,300 teachers from various regions in Chile, who are already part of this movement.
The 2017 version objective is to train 6000 teachers in computational thinking in all regions of the country and also to introduce them with coding language, so that they can then use what they have learned in their assignments. This makes it a key event in Chile’s digital education.

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Key People

Mónica Retamal,
Executive Director

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María Inés Varas,

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Francisca Varela,

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Mauro Valdés,

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Marco Antonio Zúñiga,

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Martin Lewit,

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Francisco Mardones,

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Roberto Barriga,

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Fernanda Vicente,

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