Shall We Move Forward Together?

I hope this email finds you well.


As some of you may know, 2023 has been a highly significant year for Kodea. We set out to become the first NGO in Latin America managed entirely with an Agile philosophy, digital mindset, and adaptive approach, strengthening our transformational muscle to accelerate scaling strategies. Above all, our goal is to amplify impact beyond our borders.


This strategy is already bearing fruit. On one hand, we have taken significant steps to become an organization that makes decisions based on evidence (data-driven). However, our primary focus is on being an organization with a unique culture, placing constant learning and adaptation at the core. Our research department has played a crucial role in this perspective, dedicated to exploring the best initiatives in our areas and collecting, analyzing, and evaluating the results of our programs. You can review some of their publications here.


Our first pilot project in the expansion line involved strengthening our presence in Latin America by opening the international category of the Los Creadores award in Colombia, Peru, and Argentina. As of today, we already have 140 international students participating. Additionally, in January 2024, we will begin a second pilot by implementing the Women Connected Entrepreneurs program in Cali.


On the advocacy front, we were part of the Responsible Investment Forum Americas Partnership-BID and recently attended the APEC 2023 CEO Summit, where I participated in insightful discussions, particularly those related to the global governance debate on topics such as Artificial Intelligence and Climate Change. I am sharing three documents on AI: alternative governance models proposed by Europe, the USA, and China; adoption in SMEs; and how the 21 economies should progress in preparation, implementation, and best practices.


We were in Las Vegas participating in the International Computer Science Summit, and 47 countries are now incorporating or are in advanced stages of incorporating this subject into the school system. However, the global challenge of reducing the 21st-century skills gap in students is immense. In Chile, there are 4,333 public schools with an enrollment of 1,110,000 students. So far, with the support of the BHP Foundation, we have reached over 7,600 students. Still, driving this educational transformation in Chile requires the support of everyone, and that’s why I invite your organization to join this crusade by sponsoring a public school to bring Computer Science to the classroom, providing them with education that aligns with the current times.


Before I bid farewell, I want to share our joy because all the work done has been highly recognized and awarded. Digital Talent for Chile received the Avonni for Education, and the campaign “Digitized Women, Connected Women” won the Effie for its effectiveness in the positive change-social good category. Additionally, I had the honor and emotion of receiving the Anacleto Angelini Innovative Career Avonni, which, for the first time, goes to a social entrepreneur. Therefore, I feel like I represent the world of NGOs that has had a tremendously challenging 2023. We must not forget that in Chile, it is the ‘third sector’ that takes care of the people and the least addressed urgencies in society. In the case of Kodea, we know that the contribution of its 6 causes today is not covered by either the State or the business world.


I wish you a fantastic year-end. Best regards,

Mónica Retamal F.
Executive Director

+569 9519 3138
Evaristo Lillo 178 of. 25, Las Condes. Santiago, Chile