The team of students from Talca triumphed in the contest with the project “Creating Queens”, an incubator of queen bees that already has a pilot with the small beekeepers of Maule.

Last December, four students of the Juan Piamarta School in Talca, were crowned the winners of our contest “The Creators” with the project “Creating Queens”, a comprehensive system of automatic incubator of queen bees that would help to save this species in danger of extinction. This technological solution was awarded with a trip to the United States to visit emblematic places in the scientific area and the innovation ecosystem of the state of Massachusetts.

The group of schoolchildren and their guide teacher have already embarked on this adventure to Boston, where they will participate in a day of entrepreneurship and innovation in which they will share with various North American technological developers. It should be noted that this study day is in charge of Chile Mass, an organization that represents our country in that region.

In addition, Chilean students will be received by the Massachusetts Governorate, in Boston; There they will visit Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the most outstanding American universities in the area of ​​science.

The trip, which lasts five days, also includes visits to the MIT laboratory, a robotics company, Mass Robotics, and a community of Chilean students, as well as visiting the facilities of Harvard University.