The accelerated technological changes make it increasingly urgent to promote a relevant and quality education. That is why 3 years ago IdeoDigital was born, an initiative that promotes the digital transformation of schools incorporating Computer Science in the classroom, contributing to the formation of the next generations.


With a focus on the training and support of teachers, the initiative seeks to implement programs that incorporate 21st century digital skills, ensuring that all children and adolescents are prepared to face the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s world.


To promote this educational transformation, Kodea invites organizations to join this cause and support the installation of its program in the country’s schools (Sponsorship cost $3,000,000 CLP. Read more). In Chile, there are 4,333 public schools with an enrollment of 1,110,000 students. So far we have reached more than 7,600 schoolchildren, thanks to the support and backing of the BHP Foundation; but promoting this educational transformation in Chile requires everyone.


IdeoDigital is key in the promotion of technology education in Chile, and this project not only trains students trained in Computer Science with a new mix of skills such as critical thinking, creativity, adaptability and innovation, but also empowers teachers to lead the change and prepare future generations for an increasingly digital world. Can we count on you? Click here